Guide of Recruitment (E-Book).pdf

As per the many requests from Recruiters, decided to write an e-book that every Recruiter will get benefited out of it.

To make a Recruiter to become a Renowned Recruiter

– Which means to make a Recruiter life to be respected and well treated.

Guide of Recruitment


US Recruitment Fundamentals

  • Recruitment Lifecycle
  • US Tax Terms
  • USA Map – States
  • Types of Visas 
  • Boolean Search
  • Job Portals
  • US Recruitment Terminology

Advanced Strategies in Recruitment

Free Certification for Recruiter

How to Screen and Ways of Screening the candidates

How to Build the vendor list

General Scripts 

  • RTR ( Right to Represent )
  • Rate Confirmation
  • Job Description Draft
  • Conversation between Recruiter and the candidate

Every US Recruiter Should Know

Cover of the book – “Guide of Recruitment”

Advantages of this book :

  • Learn basics of US Recruitment
  • Recruitment Strategies
  • Can Become a US Recruiter

Hope every Recruiter will get benefited by this E-book here is the Download link.

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