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US Healthcare Recruitment Course

Learn and become a highly paid Recruiter within just 10 days from [LIVE] US Recruitment Master course by learning and implementing advanced techniques and strategies of US Recruitment

Grow from jobseeker to a highly paid employee

What You Will Learn

Basics of US Recruitment

This Covers US Map, US States, Cost of Living, US Time Zones, Types of US Employment, Recruitment Workflow, US Recruitment Terminologies, US Salary Structure, Recruitment Lifecycle

US Tax Terms & Visas

This section covers all about 3 important tax terms C2C, W2, 1099

Healthcare Terminologies

This section gives an overview of how a recruiter needs to understand SDLC and different basic technologies to recruit the best IT talent 

Healthcare Job Analysis

Job Description Analysis
Keywords finding
Boolean Operators
How to set up Boolean search?


What is Sourcing?
Types of Sourcing?
Ways to source the candidate?

Email , Text & LinkedIn Templates

This section covers all about Immigrant, non-immigrant visas like H1B, CPT, OPT, Green card, TN Visa, E3 Visa , H4 EAD , GC EAD,L1 Visa etc..,

Screening & Call Process

This section covers all about screening the candidates through various ways and questions needed to ask the candidate while on the call.
Document screening, Resume screening, Social footprint screening


Submission Process

This covers about basic resume formatting and how to format the resume in different client’s formats

This section covers on how to submit a resume to the account manager and different types of submissions

When will the next batch ?
1st & 15 th of Every Month
Size of each batch ?
10 members per each batch
Is it a LIVE or Recorded Training?
It's purely a LIVE Training
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That is not it, here are a bunch of Bonuses you will get access to once you grab the course:

  • US Recruitment E-book

    This is the most selling Us Recruitment e-book in the US Recruiting Industry

  • Tech Stack for Recruiters

    This E-book will help you understand about the IT Technologies which makes you become a successful IT Recruiter

  • Interview questions for US Recruiters

    This e-book gives you all the interview questions which makes to get your first job as a US IT Recruiter

  • Boolean E-book

    This e-book has around 100+ popular boolean searches which helps you to source the candidates easily

You are not the first to take the course. There are many students, recruitment aspirants who have taken the course, tried and tested it and absolutely love it.

Seema Singh
Read More
"Sidhi Bhath ,No Bhakvash" , This phrase comes to my mind when I try to summarise my 10 days training program with Mr. Arun Bethi from US IT Recruit.Mr. Arun is extremely knowledgeable with US recruitment process and Great Mentor. Great Mentor giving Personal attention made the session highly interactive. Give me most needed confident to start the journey in US Recruitment.
Cherukuri Adithya
Read More
The range of course topics. It seemed to cover all the fundamentals. I have been working in this industry for over three years, but I found the comprehensive review of the basics very useful. Especially the theory and content awesome
Sushmitha Kuruvalli
Read More
For me it is the best course who ever wants to start their career in us it recruiter plz once attended this course and you have more benefits and the way of teaching is also good each and everything he will explain with patiently thank you Arun sir for everything, I have learnt a lot from you.
Harsha Byreddy
Read More
I really loved the Course, and it's really helpful. Arun is such cool trainer, he never gets tired to explain things again and again till we get clear. This course helped me to learn the tools I need to become a Successful Recruiter.
Lavanya Bonagiri
Read More
I learnt so many basic things that a recruiter should know before going onboard, and also it is very useful to everyone who are already working because mostly the training part in a company will miss the very basic parts to a fresher
Sangeeta Poojari
Read More
Excellent training given. In detail Arun sir has explained which is very helpful for our career. Please continue sharing your knowledge for our community.

Who Is This Course For?


College Passouts


Bench Sales

Job seekers

Recruitment Aspirants

Switch Careers


Become aCertifiedRecruiter

About The Trainer

My name is Arun Kumar Bethi. I am Recruitment Coach , Mentor & Learning & Development Specialist . I have 6+ years of experience working in the US IT Recruitment  field and I know all ins and outs of the industry. 

I have conducted 15+ free seminars and sessions to educate US IT Recruiters  So far, I have trained more than 1000+ students who are now achieving success in the field.



Its a LIVE training for 10 days 

LIVE Classes—3:00 to 4:00 PM IST

Monday to Friday (5 days a week) 

Free support will be provided for 1 week from the day of placement

Yes, we will provide you the certificate.

Video Library & LIVE Training 

We have a dedicated Q&A sessions every 2 days apart from training hours for 30 mins

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