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What is Recruitment Life cycle ?

6 crucial steps of recruitment lifecycle as we have discussed in the previous post

Recruitment Life cycle: 

  • Preparing
  • Sourcing
  • Screening
  • Selecting
  • Hiring
  • On boarding

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Preparing: First of all before going to start any task we should have a prior preparation pattern so, likewise in recruitment  as well

  • Every recruiter must have a clear understanding of job roles and responsibilities which is provided by respective client(Direct client)/implementation partner
  • Recruiter should have an idea about the client profile/domain.

Sourcing: Yeah !! This comes the first and foremost a recruiter will have direct encounter with the job roles and his skills of sourcing .Sourcing is defined as getting/grabbing/finding/fetching resumes with respective to the job roles.

Popular Job portals:

  • Dice
  • Monster
  • Career builder
  • Tech Fetch

Screening: As the name itself reveals that a recruiter should screen the candidate’s level of expertise in their respective feild , his/her  work authorization status/ willing to relocate / Are they looking for relocate etc.., many factors

Selecting: If all the above steps goes well then the recruiter is supposed to submit the candidate’s resume to his account manager/Team lead or higher authorities ..then they will share the resume with the client , if everything is on good path i.e (interviews, BGC ) client will hire him.

Hiring: Right after the Selecting process here comes the hiring which is mainly depends on negotiation and job offer.

As soon as the client finds his/her best fit for the role they should convey the message by call or by sending the offer  letter that they are going to hire him if not there is a chance of backing off the offer by the candidate.

On boarding: As this is the last step of the recruitment cycle but it’s most important one of all above because there might be chances even after the client offer the best salary/pay rates along with the benefits candidates might not be interested to take the offer because of their personal issues/sudden plans etc.., so every step of the recruitment lifecycle let us most crucial one.

Will try to cover up the following topics in the coming posts :

  • Boolean strings
  • Call etiquette
  • Email etiquette
  • Tips and tricks in recruiting
  • Types of sourcing techniques
  • Sourcing tools

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