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US Recruitment Terminology | Definitions of Recruiting Terms

Before getting started let’s remember  a great saying in English i.e. “Going back to basics strengthens your foundation”  , so Let’s go through some basics of the terms or Terminology in US IT Recruitment


Sourcing is a process of finding the matching candidates resumes (70% -100%) for the given job description

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Types of sourcing 

  • Passive sourcing
  • Active sourcing
  • Social sourcing.



It is a process of determining the qualified candidates resume based on his experience , communication skills, Skill set , Location , Pay rate and many other factors.

Types of screening

  • Resume screening
  • Document Screening
  • Candidate screening


As soon as the recruiter finds a best fit for the given job description , then he should sent the respective resume to his account manager/Team lead /  respective reporting manger along with Rate Confirmation , RTR , Documents (H-1B/ Green card/ DL/ necessary Documents) .

Types of Submission

  • Internal Submission
  • External submission


A VMS (Vendor Management System) is a web-based application that’s acts as a mechanism for business to procure and manage Contingent Workforce


(Managed Services Provider )

An organization that outsources its workforce efforts by understanding the administrator levels.

Bill Rate

The rate which is given by the client to their vendors/sub Vendors

Pay Rate

The rate which is provided to the consultants by the recruiter on behalf of their company keeping some margin.


In general a hotlist is a list for consultants who are on the bench/payroll associated with the vendor company.

Sales recruiters are responsible to market all the candidates on their bench /payroll.


First NameTechnologyExperienceStateLocation Preference


Client is an organization or company which needs man force for their requirements to develop/maintain/ test their products.


Direct client 

Recruitment firms who works direct with the client as there is no layers / no one between the client and the staffing firm.

Implementation partner 

A company which implements the project /provides the man force with the help of other sub vendors .

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