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As per my experience in US Recruiting, have seen many recruiters struggling to set proper string for the given requirement, then I have decided to research, found a great tool called Recruit em which automatically generate the Boolean string along with the relevant resume from social sites (LinkedIn, Dribble, GitHub etc., ) .

What is Recruit em?

Recruit em is a free recruiting tool to source in social networking sites using X-Ray search which makes our recruiting easier and faster

Let’s get into the deep of Recruit’em—free tool to generate the Boolean string

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Stunning Features in Recruit em

  • Free
  • No Registration needed
  • Easy to generate Boolean string
  • Boolean string is flexible on all social networking sites
  • Newly added : Job-ad Optimizer

Web link : Recruit’em

As soon we hit on the link above we will be welcomed with clean and optimized interface which consists of seven (7) Menu buttons

1. LinkedIn
2. Dribble
3. Google plus
4. GitHub
5. Xing
6. Stack overflow
7. Twitter

Tutorial of Recruitem

Let’s try to get deeper into each category


Normally when we search/source on LinkedIn for a particular skill e.g., java developer there is a limit to view profiles then we will be showing a message that we have reached our commercial limit to view profiles, in order to view more get Premium LinkedIn account – then this is a paid one.

First select the country to which we are recruiting for then type in our keywords like Java or J2EE and microservices etc…, then job title e.g., Java developer, if we want to exclude any keywords just type in then hit on


Tutorial of Recruit em

We can save the URL which is generated for future use, or we can view the LinkedIn profiles in Google.

Tutorial of Recruitem

Click on the LinkedIn profiles  which generated and connect with them ….. Happy recruiting.


What is Dribble?

Dribble is a website where we can find a great talent, especially web developers, Graphic designers etc…,

As a Recruiter we can search for front end developers, Graphic designers full stack developers, UI developers, UX developers etc.,

Click on Dribble Tab.

Tutorial of Recruitem

Then Type in our Keywords and Type in our Keywords which are excluded then click on


Click on Open with Google button, we will be redirected to google showing profiles of Dribble website

Tutorial of Recruitem

Note: To view profiles on dribble we should get a free account registered with them.

Google Plus:

Google is a huge social networking site with cool features but due to data security issues of users, so soon Google is going to shut down Google Plus.

Google Plus search via Recruit’em

Same way as above, just type-in our required skills and type of country we want to recruit for then click on


GitHub :

GitHub is a development platform inspired by the way you work.  Open source you can host and review code, manage projects, and build software alongside 31 million developers.

Recruiters View : GitHub is good for finding developers and software engineers of every kind; JavaScript, Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, C++, C# etc.

GitHub is a great open-source to find talent, below is the page where we need to type in our required skills and country to which we want to recruit for then click on

Tutorial of Recruitem


soon will be writing a post on how to recruit using GitHub

Xing: is the job website where it can find the job which suits your profile and text you accordingly 

Just type in our required job title, location, keywords which are to be excluded from your search and then hit


 then you will be redirected to google, showing some quality profiles to recruit.

Stack overflow:  

Stack overflow is one of the largest website with unlimited data where we can dig a lot a golden talent , as this is called as a gold mine to find all types of Technical resources

Same way as above just type-in our required skills and type of country we want to recruit for then click on



Twitter is a huge pool of people where we can find almost any kind of skilled people.

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