Tutorial of BOOL : Boolean Generator

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BOOL is a free Boolean (Chrome Extension) search tool/ string generator for US IT recruitment /Domestic recruitment.

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BOOL Description:

BOOL was mainly designed for general searches but as days passed by, US IT recruiters /recruiters  finds BOOL more useful to easily generate the Boolean search strings but this small effective tool has become a part of every recruiter.

Step 1:
Here is the Download link of BOOL to  install to your chrome browser

Step 2 :
As soon as you click on the link which mentioned in the step 1 you will be popped with a page.

Step 3:

Then click on the ADD TO CHROME button which is on the top right corner of the page.

Step 4:
Then it will be added to your Chrome browser  placed in the section ,next to search bar of the browser. There you can see an icon of BOOL then click on that to open.

BOOL consists of mainly three sections

  • Boolean string builder
  • Clipboard
  • Toolbar

Boolean string builder
It consists three main Boolean operators AND, OR ,NOT  with three drop down boxes which are

  • Browser : Google and Bing
  • X-Ray : LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, GitHub
  • File type: Doc,docx, PDF,xls, PPT.

First Select the search engine from Browser section in which you want to search for ,then just type in your skill which you are sourcing for if you want to use new word just click on AND button like wise as on OR ,NOT ,then hit the search button

NOTE: Remember to select the source from X-ray drop down button ie. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, GitHub

Color codes  which  are used in BOOL

Blue- AND
Green – OR
Orange – NOT

Uses /Advantages  of BOOL search tool

  • Used to generate X-ray search string
  • Used to find people on social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter ,Google+ etc..,
  • Able save your Boolean string
  • Boolean string is built instantly

Targeted users:

  • US IT recruiters
  • Domestic Recruiters
  • Recruitment industry
  • For Recruiters who are interested in building Boolean search strings or performing X-ray searches of LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook more efficiently.

Size of the file : 1.65MB

Useful links :
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Happy Recruiting :
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