Day Routine of a US Recruiter

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Usually a US recruiter day starts at 5:30 PM EST i.e. 7:30 AM EST

As soon the recruiter login to the computer

  • Log into Outlook to check the mails for the previous day
  • Login to ATS ( Automatic Tracking system ) i.e. Job diva , Bullhorn ( If provided by the Company )

Then there will be an email popping up in outlook saying that there is a Daily meeting at XX.XX AM EST

Team members will be gathering in a conference room / will join by phone call by a bridge number. (Depends on company rules)

What kind of discussions will happen in the daily meeting?

Normally Account Manager /Team lead will initiate the meeting regarding the team performance

  • What kind of strategies to be followed?
  • What are the team’s submissions for the previous day?
  • What are the new requirements comes in?
  • Who are going to focus on particular requirement?

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(Daily Meeting will be depends on the company rules)

As soon as done with the daily meeting every recruiter will be assigned with a specified requirement /requirements to work on.

Working process of a US Recruiter:

For Example a requirement named QA engineer is assigned then recruiter will be given the whole details of the requirement as follows.

Position Name: QA Engineer

Position Type: Contract/Fulltime/Contract to Hire

Location: New York City, New York

Tax Terms: W2/C2C

Client: XXX

Duration: 6 months


  • 6 years related test experience
  • Experience in test automation tools (Selenium)

Then Recruiter will frame the search string /Boolean string as per the requirement.

Normally Boolean String will looks consists of AND, OR, NOT, (), “”.

Boolean string for QA Engineer

(QA OR “Quality Engineer”) AND Selenium AND automation

At the same time recruiter will share the requirement to the Vendor list (differs from recruiter to recruiter, which is an email list of bench recruiters) which is called a Mass mailing   and post the same requirement to job boards.

Then Recruiter will dive in to Job boards /ATS like Dice, Career Builder, Monster etc.., to source resumes as per the requirement.

After a few minutes of sourcing (Sourcing time will depend on the requirement difficulty) there a recruiter got the candidate which suits the requirement.

With most excitement recruiter will dial in the phone number of the candidate and simultaneously emails him the job description

General Conversation between the US Recruiter and Candidate

Recruiter: Am I speaking to John? (OR) Am I talking to John?

Candidate: Yes John Speaking (OR) Yes this is John

Recruiter: This is Jim calling you from USIT Recruit which is a Staffing firm regarding a QA Engineer position at New York City, NY.

Candidate: Okay, Can you please let me know the Contract duration and Client info.

Recruiter: Of course, this requirement is with my client XXX and duration is for 6 months which is a contract role, I have shared the job description your email ID.

Candidate: Yes, I Received it, I am Interested to apply to this position.

Recruiter: Can I know the hourly rate which you are expecting for?

Candidate: $50/hr on W2

Recruiter: Okay that would be fine, you will be receiving an email as Rate confirmation and Right to represent, would you please acknowledge the same

Candidate: Yes, I got it .I Have confirmed

Recruiter: Thank you so much, I am going to present your resume to the client, will wait for the further updates.

Candidate: Thank you, it’s nice talking to you

Recruiter: Me too Bye.

(This is a general talk between candidate and the consultant, there are many situations which are not involved)

After receiving the Rate confirmation and the Right to represent from the Candidate, Recruiter will draft a new email to their respective manager or Team lead to review the candidate resume

Review email includes:

  • Right to represent
  • Rate confirmation
  • Work authorization document
  • Updated Resume

Respective manager/lead will reply to the email saying that please format the resume and send the submission

(After thorough Pre-screening and document verification)

This is all about a day in a US Recruiter life ,Same process goes on and on the on each other day, every recruiter will strives for the first success step i.e. Submission.

‘Submission is the only key word which every recruiter strives for”

If any candidates which is submitted to the client got an interview request, recruiter needs to follow up to take the candidates availability for the interview.

Tools /Software’s used by US Recruiter

Email Client: Outlook etc..,

ATS: Job diva, Bullhorn, Ceipel etc..,

Job Boards/Portal: Dice, Monster, CareerBuilder, TechFetch

Primary Responsibilities of a US Recruiter

  1. Sourcing the resumes (20%)
  2. Pre- Screening of Candidate (10%)
  3. Calling to Candidate /Bench Recruiters (60%)
  4. Email Writing (10%)

Secondary Responsibilities of a US Recruiter

  1. Job posting in Portal.
  2. Bulk Email merge.
  3. Social Recruiting.
  4. Building Relationship with the Candidate/Employers.

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