How to Become a Recruiter | Education Qualification and Career

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Who is a Recruiter ?

Recruiters are the first point of contact for both the candidate and the client, who helps in fulfilling a particular job role of client with suitable candidate. This includes Screening, interviewing, onboarding etc…,

Often, recruiters will conduct career events, job fairs to hire at colleges or universities to hire the potential candidates. Mostly recruiters will work in an office setting.

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Requirements to become a Recruiter

Education Qualification  Any Bachelors degree
Skills Required Good communication skills / Able to deal with people / Listening
Experience Related experience in the recruitment / for fresher training will be given by the company
Certification Not preferred

Step – 1 :

To become a recruiter, the first step is to learn a little bit about the recruitment process and get to an idea of how the recruitment industry works on a one layer approach

Few Online Resources to learn more about Recruitment – US Recruitment

Step – 2:

Setting up your resume related to recruitment process, as a fresher or beginner, who has just passed out from the college there will be not much to put on the resume about recruitment, so prepare the resume which highlights your writing and communication skills with proper format

Success Tip: Resume is the Virtual face which represents our attitude, skills, dedication, maturity about the job which we are applying for, so make sure resume must be prepared well along with our presence of mind.

Article for reference :

Resume Formatting :

Step – 3:

Upload the resume in popular job boards like Naukri, Dice, CareerBuilder etc., and start applying for recruiter roles which comes up.

In No time will receive call/ email from the company who are looking for recruiters.

Role and Responsibilities of a Recruiter: 

  • Dealing with candidates
  • Rate Negotiations
  • Calling to the Prospective candidate
  • Email writing

Conclusion and FAQ’s

Q. Who can apply for recruiting roles?

A. Anyone who has completed the bachelors degree can apply for recruiting roles.

Q. What is the salary range of trainee recruiter ?

A. It’s been around Rs/- 9400 to Rs/-10000 (This might vary from company to company)

Q. Is it better to choose recruiting ?

A. Yes it is, it’s all about dealing with people, listening, speaking, email writing, so decide if you are the one who can can communicate effectively with the people   and a person with lots of patience, then you would try out recruitment

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