How to screen and ways of screening ( US IT Recruitment ) ?

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Dear Recruiters ,

We have been facing problems while talking to candidates in- regard to screening 

what questions to ask and how to get clear and exact answer , you are going to learn few such kind of ways in the following article .

What is screening ?
Types of screening in Recruitment ?

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What is Screening ?
Screening refers to verifying the basic details and documents which are provided by the candidate to make sure every detail of the candidate is in the proper way.

Type of Screening

Screening is divided into three main categories i.e..,

1.Resume Screening
2.Document screening

Resume Screening :
Resume is the Virtual face of the applicant (candidate ) ,so resume screening is the key in recruitment.

Resume screening :

Skillset : The first and the foremost thing which needs to check on the resume is the skillset (make sure it matches with the client requirement )

  1. Make sure to ask about their current project experience
  2. For example what kind of domain is it ?
  3. Are you an individual contributor or leading a team ? if leading a team what is the size of the team ?
  4. Are they currently working with the skills which your client is looking for ?

Experience : Level of experience should be taken care , Try to ask the candidates the total yeras of experience and Take an in detail years of experience from the candidate about his/ her skillset which your client is looking for.

Education: As every recruiter see that there will be a line mentioned in the job description provided by the client saying the “ they need a person with a Bachelor’s degree but lots and lots of recruiter ignore those lines


make sure try not to ignore those lines and check with the candidate about his education details like …

What is his/her highest qualification along with the year of passing ?
Name of the University ?

Specialization along with their certifications in detail

Document Screening :
Document screening refers to verifying the documents (Visa , Passport , DL etc.,) which is provided by the candidate , which  is a crucial part while working in Corp-to-corp business because there will be lots and lots of visa Tampering issues which occurs daily in recruiter life

In Particular Recruiter should be aware of how different types of Visas look like and what are all the important aspects to remember on the Visas and Drivers License

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