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Technical definitions for Recruiters E-book

The main focus of this post is to elaborate the technical definitions that a recruiter encounter on a daily basis

Purpose of this post: Like a lot of Recruiters are good at Communication Skills, Handling calls, Email Writing skills but the only thing which they are lacking a with their Technical skills, Even though they are working for Tech requirements

Here are the few Technologies which are aggregated together which can be understood by recruiters in an easy way 


In order to make Recruiters technically fit i.e. to help recruiters answer each and every question on Technologies

If you are a technical recruiter struggling to set up a boolean search 

If you are a technical recruiter unable to understand the job description 

If you are a technical recruiter doesn’t have time to learn all the software glossary 

Here we have aggregated a list of technology definitions which makes recruiter to become a renowned recruiter 


Technology Definitions for Recruiters - usitrecruit

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