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Job Description Analyzer | Glasssquid.io Tutorial

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Best Job description analyzer Tutorial

Here we are presenting you the best job description analyzer tool called glasssquid.io which will analyze the job description and gives you a clear understanding of the job.

Name of the Tool: 


CEO of glasssquid.io:

Suresh Parakoti

What is glasssquid.io?

Basically, glasssquid.io is designed mainly to analyze the cybersecurity job descriptions but it is working with all job descriptions as well.

This is used to get deeper insights into the job descriptions without having the technical knowledge, so dive in.

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Step- by- Step Process to analyze job description using glasssquid.io


Pick up the job description which you want to analyze.

Let’s take the below Job Description : 

  • Expertise in Typescript and SQL
  • Ensure the performance, security, and availability of databases handle common database procedures such as upgrade, backup, recovery, migration, etc.
  • Profile server resource usage and optimize and tweak as necessary
  • Good understanding of, containers, cloud-native concepts, distributed systems, REST/RPC based service development
  • Sound coding logic with a focuKubernetess on quality, availability, scalability, and performance
  • Support customer issues and bugs
  • Work in a dynamic Agile development environment and being adaptable to changing requirements
  • Document architectures, procedures, and processes in use and contribute to the improvement of the process
  • Continuously review the product and code for optimizations and performance improvements

Nice to have:

  • Experience with Identity and certificate management will be an advantage
  • Intense eagerness to learn, ready to dive deep into complex problems
  • Evaluate and recommend newer technologies to bring into the platform


Open glasssquid.io 

job description analyzer_usitrecruit.com


You will get to see the below screen when you click on the above link.


Copy the job description which you want to analyze e.g. we are going to analyze the job description which we have taken in Step1 and pasting in the area as shown below.

job description analyzer_usitrecruit.com


As soon as you copy and paste the job description click on Analyze button


Then, this great tool will analyze the job description and categorize it into the following things :
  • Domain
  • Roles
  • Tools and technologies
  • Concepts
  • Education
  • Certifications
  • Yrs. of Exp.

job description analyzer_usitrecruit.com

From the above separation, you will have a clear understanding of the job description.

Analyzing the job description is the only key to success in this recruitment industry, so I always have a great understanding of the job description.

Apart from this glasssquid.io  also have a chrome extension where you can download and make use of that.

Glasssquid.io Chrome Extension 

job description analyzer_usitrecruit.com

Hope this tool helps and makes you understand the job in a clear way.

Happy Recruiting !!

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