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Are you the Tech Recruiter searching for free certification?

You are at the right place …

Before we go deeper lets understand

How certification can certify our skill set ?

Certifications are the best way to portray our skill to this social media world but if you are  just taking the course only for the certification it is USELESS

So think ?

Are you taking courses only for certifications?


Do you want to learn something from the course?

Being said , I know you are reading this as quick as possible  to know about the certification ( which is FREE)

This is a best certification for Tech Recruiters who wanted to know more about non- conventional sourcing i.e by using GITHUB , StackOverflow , LinkedIn

Certification Provider :

About Devskiller : DevSkiller is a tech sourcing, screening, and skill mapping platform powered by RealLifeTesting. Recruit the right developers and boost your hiring results

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How to enroll in this certification ?

Step 1 : Click here to visit the home page of DevSkiller  Free Certification

Free Recruitment Certification-usitrecruit

Step 2: Click on START THE COURSE button as shown

Free Recruitment Certification - usitrecruit

Step 3: You will be asked to Sign up using your LinkedIn CredentialsFree Recruitment Certification - usitrecruit

Step 4:  Login with your LinkedIn Credentials

Free Recruitment Certification - usitrecruit

Step 5: After logging in with your LinkedIn Credentials you will get the actual page of the certification as shown below

You need to do an important thing  before you go and take up the exam

  1. Download these two(2) free E-books as marked in the below screenshot
Free Recruitment Certification - usitrecruit

Step 4: These two (2) E-books are the only source to get your certification ,read them thoroughly and attempt the exam

When ever you are ready and good to go click on the Start Certification Exam 

Free Recruitment Certification - usitrecruit

If you have successfully completed your certification you will get a badge as shown below with your name printed on the badge from DevSkiller

Free Recruitment Certification - usitrecruit

Questions And Answers 

What is the number of question to answered in this exam ?

45 single choice questions

What is the duration of this exam ?

60 Minutes ( 1 Hour ) , This exam can not be paused and has to be completed in one sitting

What is the passing score of this exam ?

The passing score is 80% i.e 36 should be correct out of 40 questions

What if you fail in the test ?

No worries , You can re-take the test but with one condition , you have to wait for 24 hours to take the test again

What if you fail for 3 times ?

If you fail, you get locked out for 30 days. You can re-take the test after the 30-day mark.


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