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Outlook for Recruiters [2020]

Outlook for Recruiters:

Recruitment is not all about Sourcing , Screening , Submitting Resumes to the team lead / account manager but its crucial to learn about few email clients like MS Outlook


Let’s see a few important features of MS Outlook which help recruiters to grow rapidly in recruitment industry as MS Outlook is the most used email client in 80% of the staffing firms.

Important features of MS Outlook for Recruiters

  1. How to Create Rules in Outlook and why Rules are useful for Recruiters
  2. How to set up Calendar Invitation / Meeting invite and how it is useful for Recruiters

How to Create Rules in MS Outlook

What are Rules in MS Outlook :

Rules are conditions to execute few actions when actions are triggered

Why Rules are useful for Recruiters :

A Recruiter inbox is flooded with lots of emails in a daily basis , so its hard to find the important email and respond to that quickly for that MS Outlook has introduced a feature called Rules which separates selected email to flow in to one folder.

How to Create Rules in MS Outlook :

Step 1: Right click on any of the email which you want to create rule for.

Step 2: Select Rules from the options shown

Step 3: Select Create Rule

Step 4: Which opens up a pop-up tick the top option named From and tick the bottom option named Move the item to folder

Step 5: Click on Select Folder ( If there is no folder created before )

Step 6: Click on New in the pop-up to create a new folder

Step 7: Click OK ( Thrice)

Step 8: Which opens up a pop-up that Rule has been created and then tick the option as Run this rule now on messages already in the current folder

Step 9: Click OK

Wait for few minutes until all the emails are transferred to the created rule


How to set up Calendar Invitation / Meeting invite in MS Outlook

Step 1: Click on New items under Home ribbon

Step 2: Select Meeting from the drop down

Step 3: Open up the a new email to write an email and set up a specific time which meeting needs to schedule

Why creating calendar invite is important for Recruiters:

To send an interview schedule to a consultant

To send a meeting invite to the team mates at a scheduled time

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