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Course Structure

Fundamentals of US Recruitment

US Tax Terms

US Visas

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare Job Categories
& Job Titles

Healthcare Process


Call Process & Email Ettiquettes

Screening & Submission

Course Timings & Duration


Monday – Friday | 4 to 5 PM IST


10 Days

Training Mode

Live Online Training

Batches starts every

1st & 15th of every month

Bonus & Free Resources

  • US Healthcare Recruitment [E-book]

    This E-book will help you understand about the US Healthcare Process which makes you become a successful Healthcare Recruiter

  • Interview questions for US Healthcare Recruiter

    This e-book gives you all the interview questions which makes to get your first job as a US IT Recruiter

  • Healthcare Boolean [Cheat Sheet]

    This e-book has around 100+ popular boolean searches which helps you to source the candidates easily

  • Recruitment Tool Kit

    This Recruitment tool kit consists of amazing and advanced tools which will increase your productivity

Who is this TrainingFor?


College Passouts


Bench Sales

Job seekers

Recruitment Aspirants

Switch Careers


About The Trainer

My name is Arun Kumar Bethi. I am Recruitment Coach , Mentor & Learning & Development Specialist . I have 6+ years of experience working in the US IT , Non-IT , Healthcare  Recruitment  and I know all ins and outs of the industry. 

I have conducted 15+ free seminars and sessions to educate US IT Recruiters  So far, I have trained more than 1000+ students who are now achieving success in the field.


Become aCertified HealthcareRecruiter

All your Questions Answered

Its a LIVE training for 10 days 

LIVE Classes—3:00 to 4:00 PM IST

Monday to Friday (5 days a week) 

Free support will be provided for 1 week from the day of placement

Yes, we will provide you the certificate.

Video Library & LIVE Training 

We have a dedicated Q&A sessions every 2 days apart from training hours for 30 mins

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